Roofing Cost in the United Kingdom

Installing a new roof should be done when it is the most viable and economical option. It is much better to make roof repairs rather than a full roof replacement, however, this depends solely on the age of the roof and the severity of the issues. Replacing the entire roof is more cost-effective if it is quite old and will likely need replacement in the coming years or if costly repairs keep occurring on a frequent basis. On the other hand, it is more economical to only fix the problematic sections if a roof is relatively new and hasn’t had many problems before.

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Factors Affecting Roofing Cost

The cost of a roof for a house in the UK is affected by several variables, including:
The type of roofing material selected (asphalt shingles, for example), the size of the roof, the labour expenses involved in replacing or repairing the roof, the location of the work site, and the accessibility of specific goods and supplies required for specific activities.

Gable Roofs

Gable roofs are a common style of roof that is quite popular.

These roofs can also be called peaked or pitched roofs and they are quickly recognisable by their distinctive triangular shape. A gable roof costs between £2,000 and £4,500.


Using the pitch as your storage area, a gable roof allows you to expand the space beneath your home.

The pitched area can also serve as your attic or a vaulted ceiling, which is best for always letting in fresh air.

Because of their uncomplicated structure, gable roofs are easy to construct, inexpensive to maintain and repair, and even simpler to replace.

Gable roofs remain the best roof for shedding all rainfall and snow during the winter season.


There are a few difficulties you will encounter with the gable roof, however, they can be very difficult to maintain especially in places where they are frequent occurrences of disasters like hurricanes and strong winds.

More so, when their frames can no more support, they are more likely to collapse in such situations.

Hip Roof

When built properly, the hip roof has been known to have little or no issues at all.

It has slopes on all of its four sides. And due to the equal length of each side of the hip roof, a ridge is formed at the top where the sides meet.

A hip roof installation will probably cost between £3,000 and £6,000, including labour costs and material purchases.


Hip roofs are excellent for locations with high winds and other precipitation.

These roofs allow water and snow to slide off of them due to their slope, leaving no residue to weigh down the surface.

The hip roof’s superior stability to the typical gable roof is yet another great feature, this is mostly because of the internal slopes that increase their sturdiness and durability.

Lean-to Roof

Another unique type of roof with distinctive features is the lean-to roof. Most times, this roof is done after more rooms have been added to the house and are attached to an already existing roof. They lean predominantly to one side of the building and are mono-pitched.

The price range for lean-to roofs is £850 to $2,000.


Low cost and simplicity of construction for the lean-to roof.

Experts insist that regular maintenance and repairs are not all that necessary and that is a big gain.


If an improper job is done, the lean-to roof’s connection to your building will mostly bring leaks.

The addition of further living room space is rather impossible with the houses with lean-to roofs.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are usually constructed with materials such as wood, which is relatively cheap and are considered affordable roofing options.

A waterproof coating, like asphalt, bitumen-based felt, or EPDM, is used when building a flat roof to keep liquid out.

Despite their name, flat roofs always have a slight incline to them to allow for water to flow.

The average price to install a new flat roof ranges from £1,500 to $3000 because of their low initial cost.


Installing solar energy panels is much easier on flat roofs because of their design.
Placing them on your roof gives them immediate access to the sun without the worries of them slipping.

In comparison to pitched roofs, flat roofs have a simpler design.

Another gain is that they are made with fewer materials and thereby are very affordable.


Water leaks are most likely to occur in houses with flat roofs than on any other type of roof. This is because of their slight slope which makes them vulnerable to leaks from time to time.

For this reason, it is inadvisable to use flat roofs in regions with heavy rainfall or snowfall.

Over time, flat roofs are more expensive than pitched roofs. The only difference is that while pitched roofs cost more in installation, the majority of the expenses occurring with flat roofs go toward repairs, replacement, and maintenance of the roof.

Mansard Roof

The French roof, which is also called the Mansard roof, is a four-sided roof with a double slope on each side. A new, low-pitched roof is created when these two double slopes come together.

In most designs, the lower slopes are steeper than the upper ones.

The mansard roofing may have a flat or curved roof, this is based entirely on the choice and preferences of the house owners. Mansard roofs cost between £5,000 and £7,000 for labour, materials, and installation.


Mansard roof remains the best roofing choice for people looking to expand their living space in their homes.

With a mansard roof, you can add an attic or a garret to your roof to create additional living space.

Starting your home with a straightforward mansard roof design is the best option if you are seeking to include some addition as the years pass.

This type of roof is much more flexible to your changing needs and that of your family.


Unfortunately, the lower slopes struggle to withstand significant snowfall.

Compared to all other roofs, the design and installation of this roof cost more.

Cost of Roofing Supplies

The material you choose, how it will be transported to your house, and the quantity you decide to purchase will all affect the supply cost of a new roof.

Roof tiles

Due to the materials used in their production, roof tiles are available in a wide range of styles.

The average price per square metre for concrete roof tiles ranges from £0.40 to £6.68.

Clay tiles are also another option for roofing you might want to check out. They are regarded as superior building materials but they are equally very expensive with a price of £0.37 to £100.71 per square metre.

Felt Roofs

Torch-on flat roofs are a common name for modern roof types known as felt roofs.

The cost of providing the materials for such a roof ranges from £50 to £60 per square metre.

Roof Joists

Roof joists are used during the roofing process to give your roof a sturdy foundation which keeps you protected from the elements.

These structural beams are made of wood, so they require treatment to keep them from rotting and weathering for as long as possible.

Your roof will require between £100 and $250 worth of wooden roof joists.

Cost of Labour

For a variety of reasons, roofing labour is priced differently. The first explanation is that there are many workmen in different locations and their required price of workpersonship varies.

The tendency of their services costing less is high if they are located near you. The difference in skill sets is another factor in the charges.

The typical price range for roofing labour is between £150 and £300 per square because some workmen are more experienced than others and can therefore charge more for their services.

Gable Roofs

Since no special materials or technologies are needed to maintain the gable roof, maintenance costs are not high.
The typical price range for roof repairs is between £40 and £250. The cost to replace the roof is estimated to be between £840 and $2,000, depending on the material used.

Hip roof replacement requires more resources and money than hip roof repairs, which are very comparable to their pitched counterparts’ costs.

Hip Roofs

While the cost of replacing the entire roof starts at £3,250 and can reach £5,250, the cost of restoring a hip roof is typically between £40 and £250.

Since replacing a pitched roof requires more labour and material as well as additional skill, the cost of this project is higher than that of a gable roof.

Flat Roofs

Yes, flat roofs initially cost less money, but the catch is that long-term use of such a roof requires a significant cost of maintenance.
If you want to replace your flat roof, it’s best to budget between £40 and £250 for artistry, with a maximum price tag of £5,250.

Before applying the final material, such as concrete or wood, when repairing a flat roof, you must first provide a water-resistant material.

This roof’s technology requires quite a large number of skilled workers, who in turn require additional resources.

Flat roof replacement is expensive beginning at an estimate of £840 and going up to $2,000.

Mansard Roofs

Although mansard roofs require more technical maintenance, since they are a combination of pitched roofs, their repair is not overly difficult.

Roofing experts estimate the cost to properly restore this type of roof to be between £40 and £250, while replacements can cost up to £10,000 or more.

Lean-to Roof

The cost of replacing your lean-to roof is the same as it is for any other type of roof. The typical price range for a roof like this is similar to all others, with the lowest cost being £40.

The maximum cost of repairing a lean-to roof is £300.

Cost Of Materials for Roof Repairs And Maintenance

The cost of roof repair and maintenance is not hewed in stone, they vary from person to person and are strictly dependent on the type of roof and the size of the house.

A typical three-bedroom house can cost as little as £900 or as much as £2,500 when using average-sized tiles.

Another factor to take into consideration this how long the job will take, this will be strictly decided by the crew working on your roof.

So, the prices listed below are simply estimated that might be slightly different when you take into consideration, the factors already mentioned.

Leaky Roof

Depending on the severity of the leaks, roof leaks typically cost £550 to £2,500.

Broken Roof Tiles

Reattachment of a roof’s broken or loose roof tiles costs you an average of £1,500 to £2,570.

Repair Flashing

Flashing for roofs typically costs between £1,200 and £2,500 on average.

Decaying Wood

Once the wood has started to decay, they need to be replaced to avoid the collapse of the entire roof. The cost depends on the type of wood you want to use.

£2,500 to £5,000 is a good estimate of what it would cause to fix this problem.

Time Frame for New Roof Installation

Depending on the shape of your home, the materials needed, the skill of the workmen, and whether any additions need to be made, installing a roof from scratch takes some time.

Usually, roofing takes between 24 hours and three days to complete.

In some rare circumstances, like when building non-residential structures, the three-day threshold is exceeded and the project may take a week to complete.

The size of your building will determine to a great extent the number of days it would take to roof. You can be sure that the wider the roof surface area, the longer it will take to roof a larger structure.

Your roofing process can be sped up or slowed down depending on how many people are involved.